Wednesday, April 23, 2008

But it's Pink!

Oh how I wish I had a digital camera. JC penny's had its Friends and Family sale so because Kathy works at JC Penny's I got one of the little coupons. I was not looking for anything special
but as I walked around the store i found something that I could not believe. it was a full size bed set. Beautiful chocolate Brown Middle Eastern designs that looked like a Henna Pattern. I spent a good two hours debating weather or not i would buy it. Why? Because the dominant color in this comforter is Salmon. which is my way of saying that it is PINK. Seriously I was debating on something that was pink.

Finely Kathy convinced me to buy take it home and look at it on my bed. That was three days ago and the comforter is still on my bed. I really like this comforter; however, I am still blown away that I chose something that was pink.

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