Monday, April 14, 2008

World view, Prayer, and Other Thoughts

This past Friday I Had the Honor of attending the governor's prayer Breakfast. this is something that I enjoyed going to last year and I think it is a great opportunity for the church to have a visible place in politics. By attending we show that we do care about the political realm of our society and that we pray for our politicians so that they will make the best decisions for the country.

Something interesting I have learned sense living in ND is the sensitivity to Native Americans by the political realm. both of the prayer breakfasts I have been to have been to have had Native Americans as speakers. last Year we had Dave the creator of Famous Dave's, who is also a sought after motivational speaker. this year we had a Native American writer and a man who speaks often. to be honest i do not remember his name.

Interestingly enough he did not once talk about prayer. Which I thought was very strange at a prayer breakfast. He talked about world view instead. World view is a hot topic lately it seems. other who have sat under Dr. Peed's teaching would know that a single class can not end if world view has not been mentioned at least once during the class. The last pastory type thing I have gone to was all about world view. He spoke to a room of Pastors and employers, and legislators who had come together to pray for their government. Instead of talking about what role Prayer had played in his life he talked about world view, and why the White leaders in that building should make allowances for the Native American world view that do not comply with productivity, such as the relatedness's of time. He spoke about the evils that had been done to the Native Americans and how soon the Caucasians will not be the majority but the minority and what that might look like. Much of what he said was true, but not relative to the topic of the breakfast.

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