Wednesday, April 30, 2008


With all the Hype I had been seening on this film from the christian website I go to, and from the interesting things i had heard about it on the raido I thought this would be a movie not to miss in theaters. I find Ben Stien entertaining enough and the debate about Darwinism and Intelligent desine is always a good popcorn debate (when it is an actual debate and not an 'I'm smarter then you so just shut up' type argument). So last night Iwent to this film. Big thing this is not a creationist thing. it is intellegent desine, which looks at the world around us and sees that there has to be some kind of intellegents behind it, intellegent desine does not try and say what that intellegence is it is more of an agnostic veiw at its core then nessisarily ascribing to one religon over another.
Stien's point is not nessisarily to prove that Intellegent desine is viable (it is part of his conclution but wasn't the point), instead his point is to prove that in acidamia there is no longer a freedom of ideas. instead those with the money with the grants with the equitment have desided what is and is not scientific, what questions can and can not be asked, and which ideas are alowed to be followed and which ones are not.
In a dry sence of hummor he uses the illistration of the berlin wall, communism, and natzism. through out the entire thing. which fit his premis which is that here in america we are losing our freedoms and it is in the acidemic world in which it begins.
it was a well done documentary in that it he did not hound people, his interveiws were polite, and althought he made his view very clear his point was not driven home by a sledge hammor but by a rock pick carefully negotioating his way to his finel conclution.
this is a movie that i will most likely buy when it comes out, and acutally might go see again in theaters. I give it a raiting of 9 out of 10.

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