Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stop the presses!

This is a warning to all, stay in side the night of the 10! It seems that several leading alchemists have translated an ancient test which was discovered among the gnostic books found in the Nag Hammad discovery. This text was neglected amount the others in being translated because it did not hold the implications against traditional Christianity that the others did. it also was in much worse shape then the others. After years of painstaking work the text has been pieced back together and reviled a shocking story. It appears that there was a sect of Gnosticism that Found the remains of a women in a tomb marked with the name Ave Maria. Believing this to be the Virgin Mary they stole the remains and hid them in a safe place where this sect which would latter become the Cathars used the remains for the purpose of many Mystic acts. According to the writings the Body of this Virgin Mary was infused with a terrible power that once a generation gives it life and reeks havoc on the world.

When this text was compared to a set of books which are known as the Writings of the Templar's we find that The Templar's found this body and hid it to keep it from rising again. They also found that this female was not the Virgin Mary as assumed by the gnostic Sect but just some unfortunate french girl. Try as they may to keep this mummy from rising many times they failed. Which lead to the Vatican wanting the body, believing it to be of course the mother of our lord. Also Some confusion arouse saying that it was the Magdalene, which latter became the wife of Christ and the mother of his child.

It was this keeping from the Vatican that eventually lead to the demise of the Templar's. The body then was placed under the watchful eye of the masons and hidden in Rosemary chapel. however there was never any way to keep this Mary from rising again has never succeeded and led to her being hiding place to be moved. Some of the places she has rested have been, the church of Ste. Magdalene, Rosemary's chapel, the Saint Sulpice, the Templar Church, and many others.

Many are attempting to find where the latest hiding place of the remains is now. Daemon hunters and the like are warning everyone to stay in doors. there is no way to know what will happen on that night.
okay so my missing of the weekly world news has come to a climax. and maybe i have been watching too much Buffy. but I really needed some thing to write and this just kind of happened. I know it is ridicules, but hopefully it is at least some what entertaining. i don't even know if it makes sence.

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