Thursday, April 17, 2008

The texas Raid on the Compound.

there have been some coverage lattly on the Poligamist conpound that was raded. here are two sides of the issue from two blogs i read on a regular. If you would like to take a look as some opiniouns check these links out:
Traped by Mormons Mormanity 1 Mormanity 2 Here also is the LDS' offical word on the event, hopefull i will not seem Bias. Please I do know the Churches stance on poligamy that it has been outlaws since 1890. I do not mean to post this hear to offend any one. I acutally would like to know what some peoples opinouns are about what, expesily Mormanity, is saying about the issue. any comments that are distinctly anti mormon will be deleted.

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