Tuesday, November 09, 2010

NaNoWriMo update one

it is november 9th and i am only now writing up my first nano update.  I am just over 1700 words.  yeah i am not sure that i will complete the goal.  but that is okay, I am in a play that is performing the first weekend in december, (Lord of the Rings in 15min, I play the part of Samwise and of Soruman.)I'm working almost fulltime, and i am trying to plan a wedding (67 more days!!!). 

However i did go to the writer's conference again this year. this year was a mixture of encouragement and discouragement.  lets face it i graduated from seminary this past spring and this seems as good a time as any to start trying to be serious about my writing. (don't worry i don't plan to quit my day job any time soon).  the advice i was given was to take something I have finished and polish it.  So now i am trying to think up a plan, for everything to fit together in a neat little package without having my life go spinning off in adicea. 

I have three peices i want to work on that are fiction (one Scify, one Fanticy, and one horror).  and i also want to try my hand at some freelance articles.  So i am not sure what to do or how to do it.  I have a story that i am trying to get ready to post on my blog for christmas special.  (I've been working on it all summer and i want it to be a lot better then the last story i published) the next is a piece i have finished and want to start polishing, then last but not least there is nano.  Even though i know if i get to 25000 words it is going to be a miricle i still want to be a part of it, it is fun and one of the highlights of my year. 

So on with the craziness!


Elizabeth said...

How's it going now?

Glo said...

Relaxing, actually.