Monday, November 08, 2010

Archie Boy Wonder Part VIII

For Part I

     "Can I go home yet?" said Archie.
     "not till after we destroy the key." said Jessie, "If we don't destroy the key they will just come after you again."
     They heard the door open.  "Aunt Ria!" Casey bolted to the door and hugged his aunt. "Did you die?"
     Ria picked him up and held him tightly, "not permanently." She said as she kissed his cheek, "I'll tell you all about it after we destroy the key."
      "You got it then?" said Jessie.
      Ria Showed him the large black key.
      They all went into the kitchen and sat around the table. "okay Archie this is why the took you." she laid the key on the table. "only you can destroy it."
      Archie didn't understand, "How?"
     "with laughter," said Jessie.
     Archie shifted in his chair, "I don't feel like laughing."
     Jessie looked at Ria, "well,"
     Casey looked at the two adults.  Suddenly his aunt crossed her eyes and stuck her finger up her nose.  Casey giggled but Archie didn't. Casey understood what his aunt was doing, so he made a face by Sticking out his tongue and making a strange mask with his hands.  Archie pushed Casey who fell off his chair.  Casey and Rria laughed. Archie tried to hid his smile.
      Jesse thought of something and snicked to the fridge. what he was looking for was hidden behind the milk.  if this didn't work he didn't know what would.  He walked quietly behind Ria and said, "Hey Ria."
     She Turned and he shoved the coconut cream pie in her face. Archie and Casey laughed.
     Ria wiped the cream out of her eyes, She shook her head, then Threw a hand full of cream at her nephew.  the laughter continued. Casey smashed some of the cream form his face into Archie's.  and with that all that had been the coconut cream pie was flying through the air.  Casey ran for a can of Ready whip and shot it at Jesse.  Laughter shook the house and on the table the key quivered and disintegrated.

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