Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simple women's day book 7-19

For Today: July 19, 2011 For more day books
Outside my window... the day is over I am very late getting this blog in so darkness and possibly a few fire flies. 

I am thinking... maybe if I do the day book I will be motivated to get back on my weekly schedule of blogging. 

I am thankful... for my friend Daniel, who once again rescued me when my car started acting crazy like. 

In the kitchen...clean dishes that need to be put away. 

I am wearing...green PJs. 

I am creating...I just finished my lace shrug. pictures soon ish. 

I am going... to bed soon.

I am wondering...if I should use aliases for people i talk about on my blog. 

I am reading... the Simarilian by Tolkien, and the Starter by Scott Sigler. (wow that is a lot of s's

I am hoping... that i find a new job soon (of course I probably need to start seriously looking for a new job first...)

I am looking forward to... spending time with friends this week. 

I am hearing... Greg playing Desgia 2. 

One of my favorite things...writing in a journal.  i just started up again for the first time sense college. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: hang out with one friend tomorrow, hangout and help another friend on Thursday  Feast of Mary of Magdalene on Friday, and a third friend's baby shower on saturday. it is going to be a busy week. 

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syeds said...

I like your writing Style. I didn't read your much articles but when i read few of your archives of 2005 and '06. I feel that everyone has a unique life and styles of living and sharing their thoughts.

keep writing/updating such an interesting blog.

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