Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple women's day book 8

For Today: July 25 2011
You can find more day books at Simple woman's daybook

Outside my window: Sun rise shining thought dew covered gossamer 

I am Thinking: About today's to-do list, and how gossamer is one of my favorite words. 
I am Thankful For: The new bed Greg and I got (10$ oh yeah)

From the Kitchen: A mess, that is about all. 

I am wearing: My favorite pajamas. 

I am Creating: I made some head way on the Icon, and I need to start a new knitting project today. 

I am Going:  To work, then latter to a friends house for pizza and games. 

I am Reading: Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin, and The Starter by Scott Sigler

I am Hoping: That I have a good day at work
I am Hearing: Ancient Faith radio podcast, I'm not sure which one. 

Around the House:  Mostly a mess. 

One of my favorite things: Well defiantly not mornings. 

A Picture I Feel Like Sharing:  One big happy family
Lf to Rt:: Tomato Cat, Sasquatsh, Felix, Eeyore, Toothless, Valcor 

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