Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Starting Point

Every Journey has a starting point. and I suppose if i am going to tell how i have come to move from a Modern Evangelical Protestant Church to an Ancient High liturgical Church.  It would be best to talk about where the journey started.

The truth is that when I look back it is hard to actually say this is where I started on this journey, looking back I can see how things very early on things were already in place that would eventually land me where I am. So let us go back to the beginning.

I was raised and baptized in the Wesleyan Church. This church is a break off of the Methodist Church started by John Wesley, which was a movement in The Anglican Church- The Church of England. Most of the pastors I had were amazing men of God who shaped my Spiritual life. I had teachers who taught me to read God's word, who taught me to learn to listen for God's voice. I owe much of who i am today to these pastors and teachers who poured themselves into my life and the life of my family. and i will talk more about them as we go.

I had a very different Christian up bringing. My father was raised in the Mormon Church. his family is very very Mormon. he had his name taken off their books when I was about 4. I promise to tread lightly on this topic which I will talk about more in a following post, but to think that this did not effect my spiritual journey is silly. If for now other reason then that it brought me in contact with a reason to know and understand what i believe and why very early in my life.

While my father brought me into contact with Mormonism, My mother was raised catholic. her family was not very very catholic. they were catholic because the Strickers had always been catholic. none of my mother's brothers and sisters are still catholic. The influence of Catholicism is harder to see but it is there and I will be exploring this in a latter post.

So that is the Start, next week I will explore how the break grounds of my parents led me on the path I am on.

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