Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday 12-15

Today I am thankful for Advent Time, (I'm trying to get used to this idea that advent is the time before Christmas day Christmas time is the twelve days after Christmas day. which guess what: boxing day is part of Christmas not some strange Canadian second Christmas.) I love the colors and the lights, but I really wish there was snow. I know I will have plenty of snow when I get to New Jersey, but I really want snow now, it doesn't seem like Christmas without snow.

I am thankful for my church and the way my church is doing Christmas, I wish I could be here for the actual Christmas eve and Christmas Day services. Oh well that is just the way it goes sometimes.

I am also thankful for the postal service workers this time of year. You know what they work extra had this time of year and mostly all they get is yelled at by people who are so caught up in their own worlds and what they have to do to make the holidays seem right they forget that the holidays are meant to be times of love, hope, joy, and peace. so if you have to go to the post office this Christmas time be sure to give the postal worker thanks, most likely if they are rude to you it is because they have had nothing but rude customers.

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