Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Out of the Notebook 5

(yes I know I usually do my art up dated on the second Tuesday of the month, but Ii still haven't drawn much hopefully by next week I will have something to talk about)

This Month's writing update is Still a little Nano heavy, I mean really I worked on that sucker for a month and only that sucker. But any way I am working on a new system for these creative posts. So anyway here we go Form my writing workshop this month

Polishing: Because once a piece is formed and shaped it must be polished so that it's true beauty can shine through and reflect the light. Right now I am working on polishing my Nanowrimo piece which has a beginning, middle and end, plus all the important bits that happen in the middle. for now the story is called the Alchemist's Daughter. I have most recently been doing a lot of work on the history and back story of many things in the story. The country has a very in depth history that effects a lot of what goes on in the story, some of it is the recent history of the Range War- a lot like the United States's Civil War- But I discovered that there are other things at work in the way that the different characters treat each other. It is a world that has very deep set prejudices that are based on each race's history and past interactions with the other. There was also a war that happened almost 1,000 years before the humans came and colonized the continent called the great fey war.  I think this is the funnest part of writing, the discovery of all the pieces that lead up to the story. I also still need to figure out how magic works in this world. with the way magic works right now my characters are going to be too powerful for there to be any real dangers or challenges.

Oh just to let you know those who have access to my privet Story blog I will not be updating there till I have finished at least my second draft. Then that is what I will used for alpha readers.

Sculpting: The molding of clay, and the chiseling of stone to reveal the story underneath.  There are two stories in this section. Two stories that I need to get back to and hopefully I will get back to them soon. The first is The Rescue. I am still working my way through act one. but I believe i at least have the second act mostly mapped out, hopefully I will finish up the map and be able to finish the story and get it ready to be polished. Then there is Ashes and Snowflakes. I have act one fleshed out, act two mapped out, I need to get act three mapped out and start really working on getting this one done. Both these stories are fun and I really am looking forward to doing quite a bit with them. I have high hopes for them and for what may follow and come out of them. but first I have to write them.

In The Furnace: For ideas that are just starting to be put in a malleable state. this would be my story that I sometimes take out and play with, right now it is called the Champion of Sisillia. It is a a good old fashioned Medieval style Fantasy. a city under sedge waiting for help that is most likely going to come too late as the hordes of the Necromancer come ever closer to conquering it. It is based off an idea that i had after watching the return of the king.

Shinys: Because new ideas are distracting like a sudden glimmer of something different.  this month's Shiny is an idea I got after listening to one more rant about how girls have self image problems and that instead of tell in a little girl (2-5) that she is cute ask her about the books she is reading and try to stimulate her mind so she will maybe want to some day be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, rather then a competitor on America's Next Top Model. As unhelpful as I thought the article was it had a point, it wasn't the point that it was trying to make, girls need to know that they have value because they are who they are. Self image issues have to do with knowing that they are beautiful. The problem with focusing on beauty, in its most superficial means is that no living person can ever measure up to or always be that beautiful. my thought is to write a series of Mid-grade (I think that is the correct label) fantasy books that help seven very different princesses find that their unique personalities are what give each of them value. I hope to explore this had have it ready when the little baby girls in my life are starting to grow up and learn who they are and how God made them special.

This concludes my writing update.

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