Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas Post 1: All I Want For Christmas

Is my two front teeth....No wait, All I want for Christmas is you...
Nope this post is a direct rip off of a post my cousin-in-law Darci posted, which she took from her cousin-in-law, who I do not know but hey thought I would take a minuet to give credit where Credit is due.

So the idea is if Money was no object, and all your dreams could come true what would your Christmas list be, be selfish for a minuet and just open up and be honest with your dreams. these are not the grown up Christmas wish, this is pure and simple I want, not I need, if i had unlimited funds and my family had unlimited funds what would I ask for? Well....

1. To be able to be with both Greg's family and my family for the holidays. I know this one may sound like the exact opposite of what I was saying this list was supposed to be but you see Greg's family is all on the east coast in New Jersey and Florida, and My family is all west of the Mississippi (except You Uncle Charley I don't mean to leave you out.) but lets skip the extended family, to do this we would either need a privet jet so we could fly out to Wyoming for my daddy's birthday and and then turn around and fly to New Jersey  to be with Greg's parents, or we would need a transporter. then we could have Christmas eve with one family gathering, Christmas day with an other and some how make it to the Christmas festivities at our church. I seriously wish I could be at three places at once the holiday with my Family, with Greg's family, and with my church family. Oh and if there was a way to make it to the Cole Christmas gather in Arizona I would be there too.
2 A house in Wilmore. Something not too big but a place that we could living for long time. with room for us to have a family, and to have guests come and stay, and so we could have social gatherings.
3. to be able to quit my job and be a full time writer, artist, and Knit wear designer. these are things that i love to do and wish I could do all the time. I wish I could make a living on them. by knitting and selling specialty idem, by drawing and painting anything. and of course by writing SF&F. Something happened during nano that has never happened before I might be able to do it, to actually be a writer. my nano novel isn't much and needs a lot of work but i have finished a piece, and now it is time to edit and i am excited to see where the editing will take me.
4. to take a trip with Greg to Europe, to see the place where history comes from. Maybe travel around visiting the sites from the history of Rome.
5. massive over-hall on my vehicle. I don't need a new car, but what I really want is to take my care to the body shop give it a fresh paint job, fix the front bumper, put in a new windshield, Replace the air conditioner so it stops making that sound.

Okay that is my ex-termly dreamy wishful thinking Christmas list. and in closing I leave you with a much simpler Christmas list:

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