Tuesday, December 06, 2011

On the Needles 5

Well Knitting has been busy despite the fact that I was spending most of my time writing last month. I have been playing at the idea of actually starting to design Knit wear. I've mentioned this a few times here and on facebook. it is a strange little idea that I just keep dabbling with, for the last couple of weeks it just doesn't want to go away. I've been getting inspiration every where on what I could knit, who would want it and be willing to pay money for it. But anyway let's get back to talking about what I am knitting.

Finished Finished Projects: I have only finished on project this month. which is one project more then what I had planned. I really didn't think I would be knitting very much at all. but my Goddaughter Hannah turned one last month and Greg suggested that I make her mittens. So I found a pattern and made her mittens:
These Mittens are made from that wool I bought months ago when Lisa and I went on a yarn shopping spree. It is Sock weight super wash Marino. the fun thing about baby mittens? they have no thumbs which makes them very very easy to knit.

Works in progress: here there are a couple of things. The blanket which has just sort have stayed on the needles waiting patiently for the time when i feel like working on it, which is few and far between but it is nice to have a big project laying around to pick up every now and then. I cleaned out my knitting box, because i couldn't find some of by needles (by the way if anyone needs to know what to get me for Christmas I need something to keep my needles in order) and  found a forgotten project or two. I think this is what they would  call on the knit more girls an ufo bin, I don't know the acronym stands for but it is Un-finished something. any way it has been brought out to see if it can find the light of day. it was maybe my first Design thing. it is  wrap skirt that I was trying to make for ballet.  I'm not sure if I will try to finish this but it is nice to have another project in the works. I also have a BYOB bag (that seems repetitive) on my size 7 needles. this project I started and didn't get very far. I'm knitting it with Recycled Cotton. the last thing on my needles is my Cowl which I hope to have done soon. though to get it done soon I have to work on it and I have been enjoying other projects far too much. 

Design ideas and Projects: This will be a new section. I have two big things that I am working on trying to design. one is a hair net and the other is leg warmers. the Hair net sounds strange I am sure. but I was watching Charmed and I really like this hair net that Phoebe was wearing and I thought I bet I could make on of those. the plan so far is to use this lace pattern I found with sport weight yarn, making the 'brim' by doing a 2x2 rib. I tried this once using size 7 needles but the lace pattern didn't have big enough holes so I have upped it to a size 10 needle. we will see what will happen. as of now I haven't gotten it cast on.  the other idea i have the leg warmers I haven't gotten very far, this idea came while i was back stage with the dancers at the Wilmore Christian Ballet Company performance. some of the girls' legs were cold and I agreed it was cold back there after having been it he dressing room.

Future projects: well let's see, I would like to make something for Michaela, I would like to make a Christmas present for Dottie, and for Hannah. I have two baby hats to make (but I think I ran out of blue baby yarn) and I have 6 dish cloths to make. I would live to make my family Christmas presents but I think I might be out of time.

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