Friday, March 30, 2012

Calling all wantta be writers

So my causin Manda has been doing this thing lately where she sets a goal for 90 days. I have decided to do a 90 day challenge as well for my writing and I would like to ask all my wrist friends to join me. Let's face it most new year resolutions have been left at the weigh side. We got a lot done during nanowrimo but now the the momentum may have whained. So here is my though think about what goal you want to achieve over the next 90 days. It can be a word count daily goal or a total goal. It could be editin that novel that you really need to polish or outlining a fun new idea or massive anoints of world building or any combination or anything that I haven't thought of yet.

Now I was going to think up rules and stuff, but I am just plan lazy. So if you want to join me on the 90 day challenge running from April 2 to June 30 Leave a comment on this post saying what you are going to challenge yourself to do and then post something about it on your own space be that facebook, blogger, twitter, what ever, preferably before April 2 but hey it's not like I gave you a lot of time to think about it so if you join late no worries. I will be (hopefully) updating here once a week on this. If you want grab the pic and put it on your blog. Let us have fun and get some work done at the same time. Are you game?

Oh right I should probably put out my goal it has three parts:
1. Finish writing first draft of Ashes and Snow (at least 60,000 words)
2. Finish outlining the Rescue
3. Start working on the Second Draft of Alchemist's Daughter


Daniel said...

I would like to finish writing the first draft of Daddy Issues.

Michael Mulligan said...

I like this. My challenge is to get a paid gig in the writing field. And I hope it happens before the 90 days are up. Good luck with your writing goals.