Friday, March 16, 2012

Got Green Blog Hop Part one

I got permission to do this in two parts so I could write more then 333 words. For the skinny on this blog hop go to Mark's Blog. Couple of things 1.  I don't write accents well so instead of trying to phonetically write out how people talk I just say they have an accent. 2 this is your first entrance into my Slayer Tales, there is a whole huge thing that I hopefully will be publishing here starting the day after thanks giving. that is assuming I get it finished by then. enjoy

Valentine woke form a fitful dream, it was about some kind of snake and a drum. It was weird, she turned on the light and then something strange happened; a rainbow came through her window and left hind a short little man dressed in green. “greetings!” He said in a thick Irish accent.
“Um, hello.”
“I'm sorry to drop in on ya lass, but we need your help. I'm sure you know what tomorrow is.”
“St. Patrick's Day”
“Aye and every year on St. Patrick's day someone must chase the Serpent back to it's prison.”
“Don't tell me you don't know about how St. Patrick chased the Serpent out of Ireland.”
“I thought that was a myth.”
The little man shook his head, “I thought you'd know better then that. I mean surely you understand that I am a leprechaun right?" He climbed up on a chair in the room, "Look lass every year the Serpent tries to come back from the prison St. Patrick banished it to. This year it's going to try and come back here.”
“Okay, but why me? Why not Piper? She's the Slayer around here, this is kind of her thing.”
“You're a good catholic and you believe in the saints.”
“But there is lots of Catholics around here, some of them are even Irish...”
“But their not charmed!” His voice was raised in frustration, only a charmed can use the drum, and only a charmed can even see the serpent. “It has to be you!” The grandfather clock chimed midnight. “Oh goodness me I gotta go good luck.”

When Valentine woke the next morning she thought it had all been a dream till she found three things on the chair, a stone, a drum and a shamrock. She hurried to dress and throwing the items in her bag she hurried down the stairs. “Mama I'm going to Ira's office.” She called as she ran out the house.
“Be home for dinner!” Her mother called after her. Continue to part two


Mark Koopmans said...


Looks around... where's Part 2 :) Me want more, to be shure :)

PS... Thanks for joining in the fun :)

Gloria Sigountos said...

Part two comes tomorrow.

Huntress said...

Is it tomorrow yet? :)

Visiting from Mark's blog

Leigh Covington said...

Yeah! Fabulous. I want part 2 too!!!! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Gloria Sigountos said...

Yep follow the link at the bottom of the post.

Hope Roberson said...

So fun! Happy belated St. Patrick's day and nice to meet you :)