Tuesday, March 06, 2012

On the Needles March 2012 Edition

So I am having a hard time getting back into posting. Last week it took forever for me to post something. most of it is that i am just plan lazy. so I am afraid I am not going to take the time to show you pictures of what I am working on or what I have finished. Sorry. Maybe in April's Edition I will Take pictures of everything form this month, and what ever is need to be added for next months. -gee that sound pathetic. Oh well, here we go-->

This months topics are Cast On, Eureka!, Continuations, Grr, and Shiny

Cast on (new Projects): This Month I started
1. The hooded Sweatshirt from the book Knits Men Want: the 10 rules every women should know before knitting for a man, plus the only 10 patterns she'll ever need By Bruce Weinstein I love this book, the sweater is easy enough mostly stocking Stitch so it can be classified as what I've heard knitters call Potato Chip Knitting. I have finished off two skeins. This project is my main project.

2. I've Cast on another Pair of Cinderella Socks, but I haven't worked on them much lately.

3. Then I also cast on the Mandelbrot Hat but that is something for a different topic.

Eureka! (Finished Projects)
So the main thing here is that I cast on and Finished the Mandelbrot Hat in the same day. well I still need to put on a puff ball at the end. the only problem is that I still have yarn from that skein left so I don't know what else i will do with it. But it is finished and that was fun. Like I said on facebook I forgot how nice it is to knit a hat, they are simple yet they knit up really fast.

Continuations (former projects that are still on going)
1. well the first is a scarf/shawl typ thing that i just started knitting one day. I am using Sock yarn with Size 13 needles with a simple lace pattern knit 2 rows then K2tog yo to last stitch, K last stitch. It is my nightly knitting that I do a few rows on before i go to sleep.

2. Remember way back when I started playing with the idea of Designing? well I had at one point given up on the idea of a hair net, then I cam across a head band design that I liked and then added the lace netting. I started with size 8 needles then when i got to the lace netting I switched to larger needles. It is looking good it might actually work this time.

3. There is the Cartigan that I started a while back, but I haven't been working on it much lately.

GRR! (Frustrations)
So I have this yarn in my stash, there is quite a bit -it was given to me to make an afghan with- and I hate it. it is a self striping yarn that is all neutrals. the color combination is boring and Dull. I have no idea what to do with it. It's just so ugly!

Shiny (things I want)
well there is this great color way at Knit Picks that is amazing, it is called Chroma. the color combinations are amazing and the names are just as great. the thing is that compared to most of the yarn I buy it is a little prices. but I hope to get some soon, my plan is to make a Shawl for my Christmas trip.

Well that is all I have for now. Till next time. "Remember the next time someone makes fun of you for knitting in public just laugh it off, because after the Zombie Apocalypse you will have a useful skill and they will just be food." Ms. K.

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