Saturday, March 17, 2012

Got Green Blog Hop part two

So I tried really hard but I just couldn't get this section down to the 333 words. By the way if you haven't been to part one, then please read that before you read this. and I may have been a very bad writer for introducing so many characters in this part.

Ira's office was tucked between two other businesses on main. He was a paranormal detective. Inside his assistant Clarissa Indigo was at her desk dressed in green. Clarissa always followed holiday traditions particularly after that nasty business on Christmas eve. “I'm so glad your here.” Valentine dumped out the contents of her bag on the desk.

“Well you know me not much of a life outside of demon hunting, What is this?” Clarissa picked up the stone.

“A blarney stone,” said Ira as he stepped into the room he glanced at the other objects, “been visited by a leprechaun lately”

“Yeah he said I have to....”

“Chase the serpent back to it's prison. “A strange women with an Irish accent came in. or at least she looked like a women.

A cup shattered. Darcy had come in from his apartment upstairs, “B.b..b..ban ..n..nnnshshshshsheeeeee.”

“Yes yes,” the women waved him off, “let us move on." She came up to the desk," look I have a deal with the leprechauns, none of us want the serpent back so they select the person I tell the person what to do and how to find the serpent.”

"Okay so what do she do?" asked Ira

The banshee smiled an evil smile. her pointed teeth lined up perfectly, “You chant and play the drum.”

Valentine came to a stop. She had been walking most the afternoon following the blarny stone. It was a weird guide, getting warmer in some directions and cooler in others. Ira was with her only a few steps behind. Supposedly only Valentine would be able to see the serpent but he insisted on coming as back up. 

“Oh hell.” He said. they were at the steps of St. Micheal's Monastery. “You've got to be kidding me.”

Valentine felt the blarney stone get hotter, so hot she dropped it. It melted the snow around it. There was a strange sound on a breeze. Ira readied his crossbow. Then Valentine saw it, the huge serpent, it was slithering around the monastery's foundation. It looked translucent like a specter. Valentine started to beat the drum and chanted, “I bind unto myself today the strong name of trinity by invocation of the same the three in one and one in three.” She beat the drum steadily. But the serpent didn't seem to notice her at first. She kept chanting and beating the drum, The serpent became corporeal, and it lashed out at her. Valentine shrieked “Christ have mercy!” in Polish, which was her first language, and beat the drum. Suddenly something yanked the serpent back and it was gone.

“Woohoo!” Yelled a little Irish voice. The leprechaun from before was standing there applauding her, “you go Lassy!”


Morgan said...

Oooo... you transported me! Nice work. Love the lingo and tale and all around feel to the piece. Verrrry fun, lass! ;) If you write historical fiction, I wouldn't be surprised. You'd be very good at it! :D

Darci Cole said...

Haha! Cool! I think the leprechaun is my favorite :-)

Hope Roberson said...

Nicely done!

M Pax said...

lol Loved the ending. Valentine seems to have many talents.

Gloria Sigountos said...

Thanks Guys! I feel bad because this is part of a world that already exists in my head and I am afraid I may have introduced things that weren't well fleshed out.

Hope- welcome to the drum beat.

Darci- the leprechaun is probably the character that got the most attention in this piece. Well besides Valentine but with the word count limit I wasn't able to go into her back story as much as I would have liked.

Morgan-your complement means a lot to me. I do hope to write some Fantasy/alternate history some day.

thanks again everyone for stopping by!

Mark Koopmans said...

Glad I was finally able to make it back to see what happened!!

Hah, the Leprechaun did it... suh-weet :)

Thanks again for O'hopping with us, and I look forward to reading more of your posts:)