Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Joys and Disappointments of bath time

I love bath time. It is generally how I like to start my weekend. Friday when I get home form work I jump in the tub. I think it is because I love the water so much. The only competitive spot I joined in high school was Swim team. I loved it, the problem was that I am not a very competitive person. I like to enjoy the water not see how fast I can swim- that is probably why I dove on the team. So Bath time is like having a little privet pool all to my self. I firmly believe that fire was just pretty lights till man discovered he could heat water with it.

I find bath time to be relaxing. I read, shave my legs, exfoliate, and think great thoughts (okay maybe only to me they are great thoughts). I love bubbles, bath salts, bath oils and all kinds of other things that make a bath a small piece of heaven. when i really want a treat I add something special from Lush and I would like o try adding some of the wonderful products from The Bar Maids.

So here is where my disappointment comes. I can never seem to find a bath that stays hot long enough or is big enough. See a tub needs to be long enough to stretch out in and deep enough to be all but submerged. Now a tub can get away with being short if it is also deep, it can get away with being shallow if it is also long. Most builders for Apartments and Duplexes Do not understand this concept, or at least the person who build our house didn't understand that. it is both too short and too shallow. I'm not as little as I once was and will probably never bee that little again, but seriously I want to be completely covered by the magic of warm water.

then there is another thing that disappoints me about most bath tubs. the drains. Yeah this little guy:

I hate these things. why because when I fill a tub I FILL the tub. I deal with a shallow tub but filling it a full as possible. and what does this little guy do? Oh he drains my tub and takes a way my hot water! seriously. why make a tube 2 feet deep if you are only going to let people filling a foot an a half? when I was living in Bismark ND I had a tub that was very close to the best tub ever. It was long, it was deep. I could sit comfortably in it with my knees slightly bent and have the water come up to my shoulders. but you know what they did? the put the stupid drain half way down the tub! So you know what i did? I stuffed it full of a wash rag. it wasn't a  perfect solution but It made my water last longer. -This doesn't work very well with my current tub so I end up filling it multiple times. how wasteful is that?

I understand why the drain is there, really I do, but why can't it be cut into the top? then the water could be deeper. And everything could be happy.

is it strange that I know very little about my "dream" home is but I know exactly what kind of tub I want this one:

deep, beautiful, back support, long....ahhh. some day when I own my own home this will be the first thing that I change. I put in this tub.

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