Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Writing Up Date

Sorry all I guess I am really getting bad at this, what happened to the time when i could post ever day and not
ave issues. Oh well. I guess we just try again. 
My writing has bee going very well lately. partially because of the change of position at work. I am now using lasers to cut designs into silicone bracelets. it can be annoying when the lasers don't want to work but once things get going there is a lot of down time waiting for the designs to get cut. there for i have time to write and read. good news I have two posts on the Neverending story in the que that will get posted as soon as I take the time to do it. (I have to say the longer i go between posts the harder it is for me to get back on to post again) So any way on to the update. 

I've been trying to limit my work to three pieces (it hasn't really worked -sort of- but we will get to that in a minuet.) I have been writing the first draft of Ashes and Snowflakes: 11,094 words. Not much I'll admit however this is not counting anything from the rough draft that is from farther on in the book. (total word count is actually 15,525) it is slow moving and I have not been working on this one quiet as diligently as I probably should be. 

Next is writing the rough draft of The Rescue (this so needs a better tittle any ideas?) this is going very good. I don't have a word count because I write this one out with paper and pen, it just feels so much more organic. also it slows me down and lets me think things through. and well I can't very much have an electronic devise at work my boss would realize that I have down time and give me more to do- like running back and forth between two departments. 

Lastly My goal was to edit the first draft of my Nanowrimo novel. but I haven't hardly looked at it sense my first read through of the book. I think I have learned something about my self. I don't like editing. I want to walk away from the book and move on. -kind of- not because I don't want to polish it and get it published but because I am LAZY! yep, this is why i will probably work really hard to get some kind of book deal rather then going the self publishing route. I am so lazy when it comes to this stuff that it isn't funny. Plus I know the book needs massive amounts of work. the thing is a mess with stray strings hanging all over the place, making it even more unlikely that my laziness will allow me to work on it. what I need is a day that i can just sit down and work on it, with no distractions, not interruptions, and  oh look shiny!

yeah I broke my "I am only going to focus on these three things" some of you will remember that I entered a flash fiction contest held by my cousin Darci. lots of people liked my little piece and said they wanted the rest of the story. well you will get the rest of the story. you hear that Heather and Jessica? in fact last Saturday I sat down and wrote 2,233 words in one sitting. my goal was to keep it under 3,000 words  but that isn't going to happen, hopefully after edits i can keep it under 10,000 words and then publish it here on the blog. 

so that is all I have to say about writing today. tune in on Monday -I promise I will have a post- when I post the next installment of my commentary lectures on the Neverending Story. 

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