Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday 5/10

Wow it has been a while sense I wrote one of these up. So let's see, I am thankful for...
1. Lee McLoud and his wife Jessica (oh yes and their daughter Squeaks) now only are they great friends but really the best pastor and pastor wife ever.
2. Wilmore Christian Ballet, I love being a part of this ministry. Dancing with the company and helping back stage during the performance. I love these girls and yes boys.
3. St. Adain's Anglican church. they are such great people and be in community with.
4. Amanda and Becca who make work a little more bearable.
5. And Liz who reminded me to get my but in gear and remember to post- yes it was because she posted her thankful post which reminded me that I should do the same. Thanks Liz!

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