Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mansfield Park

I read this book last year. Yesterday I started listening to it through Libravox. I have readently finished the first volume of Le Morte D'Arthur and figured i should go for something light before diving into the second volume. I have a list of books I am planing on listening to this year through Libravox but they have a particular order to them; Les Miserables followed by The Tale of Two Cities, followed by The Scarlet Pimpernel, then I would probably listen to the Count of Monte Cristo just to round up this fun group of novels taking place in france. but I wasn't ready for that I just wanted a little break before continuing with more middle English literature... or I at least think that is the category L'Morte D'Arthur... any way back on topic-

I really like Jane Austen, I've read most of her books starting with her most popular books and working my way through the less popular books. Mansfield Park falls on the less popular end of the spectrum, and I can understand why:

1. Fanny is the complete opposite of the other Jane Austen Heroines. a. where Maryanne is loud and active seeking adventure Fanny is quiet and often prefers to sit and be. b. Where Elizabeth voices her opinion often with those who will share her opinion and join in her mirth fanny only confides her opinions to her cousin preferring not to vocalize her judgments in hopes that she is miss informed. c. where Emma enjoys being the center of attention Fanny prefers to let others take the lead. The only Heroine she is very much like is Jane Bennett but she has no Lizzy to stand by her nor is she surrounded by a loving family. She is much like Elanor Dashwood but she receives less thanks for her sacrifices and again has no one who supports her.

2. Mansfield Park places goodness, selflessness, and love in contrast to Pleasure, Selfishness, and Apathy. it is in many ways a treaties against hedonism which in a culture chasing after the new shiny gadget or new experience is not popular. This is similar to the preference of Batman to Superman. (I know that in many circles this is not true but Let us look at these two super heroes in light of thier current visablity in the motion picture industry Batman has had two very sucsessful films and a third which will probably be a resounding crescendo to the build up of the last two films. Superman has had one film and as far as superhero movies go... well lets just say it wasn't as bad as the second fantasic four moive or the two Hulk Movie attempts.) Being Good and seeing the faults in others is judgmental. Fanny is a representative of Goodness, by being so she stands in judgement over her Shallow cousins, what is forgotten is that she loves this family who took her in, and she shows that love by serving them.  not to get 'religious' on everyone but that is what Christian love should look like. To actually unpack that thought would probably take a series of blog posts but I will try to sum it up by pointing you to an act of Jesus during the last supper, he took on the garb of a slave and washed his disciples feet then told them to do like wise.

Well that is quite the Introduction. Really what I wanted to do was share some quotes from the book that i just love, but I think I have shared enough for today. I will share my quotes Soon-ish. I've decided I shouldn't make promises on this blog, I rarely seem to be able to keep up.

Till next time God Speed and open roads.

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