Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Escape: Curtsy of Jessa

Well yesterday Jessa posted her Friday Flash Contest. at first I didn't think i could do anything with the prompts, again. but then inspiration hit. here is my entry I'd love to hear what you all think. 
Oh wait the prompts: 
Must use these words: 
Hope and Crackle

and one of these two pictures: 

which one do you think I used?

“It's coming”
“How did it find us?”
I lock the doors, Shay closes the curtains. “How long?” She asks.
“Not long.”
“We'll never make it.” Cinda says trying to arrange the necessary components on the coffee table. Rose, orange peel, surfer, mint leaves, Juniper berries, indigo and lavender. Her hands shake as she begins to cast the spell.
“We have to.” I watch from my post through a crack in the curtains, a sliver knife in each hand.
“But...” Cinda's voice falters as she sprinkles rain water over the mixture.
I don't take my eyes off the drive way. As far as anyone is concerned this small suburban house is home to three sisters. Th mortals have no idea that we three are more then that, that what we came for, what we found will keep the world safe from a new out break of magic wars, so long as we can get out. “Hope and luck, we have both, now do it!” She listens to me. She always does. Shay holds the box, Pandora's box. It will have to pry it from her fingers if it gets here. But it wont come to that. I'm their guardian, thy wont die or fail as long as I breath.
There is a crackle, sparks. And the rainbow comes through, it is our road. They take it first. I can see it, it is almost here.
“Tere!” calls Shay, “Hurry!”
I run for the rainbow road. It will take me home. As I reach the colors it crashes down the door. But we escape, we did it. In it's wraith it destroys the house, but what does that matter it was only a house.  

well now that was fun. 

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