Friday, June 01, 2012

May's reading

May was a good month for my reading goals. I read five books. I'm not going to talk about all of the books I fineshed this month but I thought i would just write out  little about them.

First Book Finished: Le Morte D'Arthur Vol One. I listened to this book on libravox while at work. this remains to be one of the few things my current job still has going for it, I can listened to books on the Ipod. This held many surprises in it for what Arthur and his knights were like. and I know I missed some things while listening. Sir Kay is a jerk who likes to give people mean nicknames- funny though most the honorable knights he gives this nicknames to turn out to be complete bad asses. the strangest thing was how Adultery was treated in this story mostly in regards to La'Belle Isolde and Tristan, I mean he loved La'Belle and Married another girl named Isolde and La'Belle Isolde got all mad even though sh was married to someone else. oh love compells us. but it is always fun to read about Knights going off and having adventures. oh you should also know most of the Damsels don't need rescuing, most of them surve as guides to the adventures which lie ahead. oh also two fun facts that i have learned. Merlyn told Arthur "hey if you marry that girl there, that Genevieve, she will b unfaithful, she will sleep with one of your knights, Lancelot,' and Galahad is Lancelot's son. 

Second book Finished: The Princess and Curdie by George McDonald. I really like this book, possibly more then the Princess and the Goblins. Curdie goes off to be an adventurous young lad who can see people for who thy really are. beware beautiful things may be the most treasonous, and ugly things may be the most noble. he must use his special ability to save the king and his country. this book is going on my list of book that every child should have in their library. 

the last three books I read this month were from the October Daye novels. and sense I will be finishing the last published book this weekend I am going to do a special blog post about all five of those books then. for now let me say that they are Fascination. and it has been a long time sense i burned though a series of books this quickly. 

Well that is all for now, till next time God Speed and Open Roads. 

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