Monday, June 18, 2012

Writing the people I want to be like

It's been a wail sense I talked about writing. I've been thinking of the professionals that I want to be like and why. they will probably surprise you. I mean every one would like to have a career that looks like Steven King or JK Rowlings, make it big and write something so awesome that it makes lots of money So that if you write a book publishers won't even care what it is they will publish it any way because you have the name recognition. but they are not the kind of people I am talking about. I'm talking about people who I want to emulate in they way they view their own work and they way the treat their fans.

First I want to be like Scott Sigler.

no I don't plan on writing horror or about space foot ball but I would like to emulate the way our future dark over lord has taken control of his career. If you haven't been over to the Siglerverse you shoudl check it out. Scott has published hsi works though a small press, self publishing, and even one of the big 6. yet his focus is still on his own company Dark Lord Media with A Kovacs. The thing I really love about Scott is how he treats his fans. they are a part of the book making process. He invites them to join the site where they can talk in the forums up date the Siglerpedia, and most of all when Scott needs a name for a character he goes to the list of people who have signed up with a profile and picks one from the list. also most of Scott's works are available for free in audio book format. he writes what he loves gets it to the people who are interested and then rewards them for it. there is no doubt that Scott is in control of his art and he loves his fans. -grant it when the Evil Overlord takes over the planet I don't know if the Junkies will be any better off then the rest of us. Yeah as I work to start a career in writing I keep what Scott is doing in mind because what he is doing is working. and he is a great guy.

Second I want to be like Stan Lee.

Why  because Stan is his own biggest fan. he thinks every idea he has is brilliant. Me? I am my own worst critic.  I think just about every idea I have is crap, or when I have finished something it is crap. which is probably why I've hardly looked at the novel I wrote of Nanowrimo. I want to think about my work the way that Stan Lee does, that what I am doing and attempting is the bestest think sense sliced bread. and like Scott he is a great guy, He is not as young as he once was and yet he continues to make appearances at cons and comic book stores and heck even in the movies based on his works. Stan loves the spotlight, he talks to his fans even though lets face it he doesn't have too. he isn't the face of marvel any more he isn't writing for them. but he still goes out to see his fans and treats them well. there are some authors who seem to only grow contempt for their fans as they get older. But not Stan, and I hope that I will be like that when I am no longer young.

So those are the authors I want to be like and why. who are the professionals that you want to emulat in some way?

Till next time God Speed and Open Roads

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