Monday, June 11, 2012

Share time!

Two awesomethings from Felicia Day's Flog. I mean awesome.

1. Tesla Tabby!
Nikola Tesla is by far the coolest scientist in my book. really ahead of his time he did so much cool stuff. check out this comic on The Oatmeal to find out why he was the greatest geek who ever lived. Oh and this pic comes from a Tumbler account called Cat Scientists. I am sure you will be able to find your favorite scientist there too.

2. Felicia has a new music video Gamer Girl and Country Boy. I love it, but I love all her music videos. but as one who grew up out west in the high plans of Wyoming and is a total geek this just makes me very very happy. 
well that is all for today. hopefully I will be back soon with more content but i think it is just best for me not to make any promises. till next time Open Roads and God Speed. 

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