Tuesday, June 19, 2012


maybe it is because Summer Dance started up this week and I am currently sweaty from my first  ballet class in almost a month but I want to talk about ballet. I know there are some people out there (my husband for one) who don't get ballet. and really in some cases I understand. some times the plots of the ballets don't make any sense. I recently saw a ballet that I was contently thinking What is going on? I don't get it, wait who are those people? I thought that the prime was a different character, wait how did we end up in a gypsy camp again. and this is a dream?"  but it was beautiful. oh I love the ballet.

And the company I dance with is amazing. I am not as thin as I once was, most likely i will never be that thin again. Some times I feel like one of the hippos from Fantasia, but you know what the teachers are the Wilmore Christian Ballet are amazing and they are not intersted in getting their dancers toa particular size, they want to share the joy of dancing.

I think one of the greatest things is that after 16 years I am part of a company again. Do I don't dance in the big recital/ballets at the end of each term but I am a part of it. I know that it will still be there next term. I love the girls and the teachers and all the students. I love dancing again.

See when I was really little When I grew up I wanted to be Shirley Temple so my parents put me in dance classes. I learned Jaz, Ballet, and Tap then when i was twelve we moved. we moved to a town that had no dance studio. oh several people tried to start one up but it wasn't till after I went to college that one finally stuck at least for a little while.

two of the teachers at Wilmore Christian Ballet
But now I am back to dancing and learning. I love it, even if my body hates me afterwards. It is always worth it. I think dance is a special expression of the soul and it can be beautiful no matter what your shape. some people don't get it, but for me it is as if the music takes control of me and I become  part of it. one of the great things about the company I dance with is that it is a christian company. the Head teacher dance with Ballet Magnificat. we pray together a s a class and often our dancing becomes a form of worship. it is amazing to be a part of a group like this and to watch as Hannah brings scriptures to life for the recitals. this last spring she had a dance which depicted The Archangel Michael defeating the dragon.

Really what this all comes down to is that I love ballet, and that I am so happy I get to do something that I loved so much as a kid. now if only I could find a band that wanted a saxiphone player who is not very good.

any way till next time God speed and open roads.

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