Sunday, November 18, 2012

NaNoWriMo: An Excerpt

If you follow me on social media you know that I had a massive word count day yesterday, well today here is an excerpt:
Leo turned back to Thea, 'Do you know what their agenda is?"
Thea shrugged, "Take over the cosmos?"
"You are correct."
she snorted.
"No that is their plan, they have been orchestrating everything to have each of the rulers of the cosmos in their hands. Then they will of course do what they need to to keep the Nephs happy, most likely in a way that means that they really are also controlled by the quad. of course the nephs are attempting to do something similar but they are going about it in a much different way, I believe Bildad would say that they lack the subtleties of The Quad. Either way that is it. "
"So what if they are?" said Thea, "What does the voice intend to do about it?"
"He has a plan, and you are part of it."
She shrugged, "What is in it for me?"
"Freedom form The Quad."
"Really? How does he plan to do that?"
Leo shrugged, "I really don't know but that was the promise he made to me and I believe him. so it may take time but the Voice is confident."
"I don't know."
Leo shrugged, "It is your choice. but even if he doesn't, think about it this way, by doing a job for the Voice you are working in opposition to The Quad, in that sense you are defying them. does that intrigue you?"
She nodded slowly, "Actually it kinda does." she took a drink from her coffee cup, "what is the job?"

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Tammy Theriault said...

your doing great, keep it up and happy nano & turkey day!!