Friday, November 02, 2012

Nanowrimo: I'm a Rebel

things are going to be different here at the Drumbeat. I will still try to post at least every other day but I may or may not follow the topics as I have set them out.

So it is November and that means national novel writing month. generally I try to keep the rules, I may restart an idea I had, but this year, I fully admit it, I'm cheating. I had 5,000 words on this novel before November first. I know I know I'm such a cheat. but there is a reason for it. Second I'm allowing myself to spend a little bit every day to read over what I have already written, checking the spelling and the grammar  adding some exposition here and there. there is a reason for that.

So why am I cheating? well it's simple really. this story I is one I restarted very recently  when I realized it was what I want ed to do for nano I stopped and waited til november. it is a story idea that is quite frankly a mess. now last year I took an idea that was nice and neat and turned it into a confused mess that a strange conglomeration of ideas that I can't bring myself to touch it. editing it is so much more work than rewriting it that it is just not worth it to edit. So that is why I am keeping my manuscript clean. this means that I will write way more than 50,000 words, because many of those words that I write will not be counted. (I tried the whole strikeout thing last year it made the manuscript a mess so I will not be doing that this year.) but I think in the end I will have 50,000 words in a rough draft that I will still want to work with at the end of the month, rather than abandoning the whole thing in hopes of something better next time.

So yeah I'm cheating, go ahead call the nano police, in the end my hope is to have at least a 50,000 word manuscript, not something that looks like it came out of the city of old emperors.

till next time
God Speed and Open Roads.

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CherylAnne Ham said...

Good luck with Nano! I say cheat away. It's reaching your own goals that matters most and Nano gives you the vehicle to do it w/o that inner editor screaming in your ear. LOL