Thursday, November 08, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Villain

Before I start I just want to give a big shout out to my new followers you guys are awesome! welcome to the drumbeat.

Today I want to talk about villains, particularily my villains on my nanowrimo story. now Like I said this world has exsited in my head for about 7 years, but there never was much work done withthe villains. they were evil dictators or crime lords but they were only that. when I was on the Round Table Podcast one of the suggestions I was give was to really suss out an evil villian. well brien would be proud of the villian that that has come about with a little thought created.

His name is Bildad Innocent Shuha, Armigero. And if a movie was made of this right now he would be played by Anthony Hopkins. He is the leader of a group of crime lords called The Quad. They currently rule their world from the shadows and it is all do to this man who brought together the best criminals and got them to work together. He is the epitome of a grandfatherly gentleman. Hence the Armigero at the end of his name, (similar to Esquire)

When we first meet Bildad he and his wife Cleo are the serigett parents to Thea (my protagonist) she goes o them after finding out that her Brother, Thom, was the one responcible for their parent's death. He is a good father, Respectful to his wife, and even fatherly to Thea and her brother. But then a she talks to him about what happened between her and Thom she finds out that Bildad was the one who decided that her father needed to be gotten ride of.

However it is not till latter in the first act that it is reveled to Thea just how 'evil' Bildad is when she finds out that he is still interested in her. So while thea is his Guest he explains to her that it is in her best interested to work for him and the rest of the quad because if she doesn't agree to his generous offer he is going to make her life miserable, she might even lose her ship.

Well that is my main villain, tell me what you think.

till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

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