Monday, November 12, 2012

NaNoWriMo: World Building

If you follow me on Facebook you know that I was dealing with issues of world building in my nano Project. and My problem had to do with something very simple like how day and night work. this probably sounds really strange. I mean shouldn't things like the sun rising and setting should be some thing like that be standard?

My problem is that I am writing in a very strange world. There are very interesting rules that are so vastly different then our own world that the very fabric of space is different. Why? because I'm writing in the seven Heavens. Fun fact that is actually the title of the series. The Seven Heavens Series. it makes me happy that this series of at least six books actually has a name now.

Any way so where does the problem happen? The Current story takes place on what would be the equivalent of Jupiter in the positioning of things. like jupiter it has 16 moons, all of these are habitable. So if the Sun is the main source of light and heat in the cosmos then does day and night work with the sun moves and the world spins as well. which makes me wonder about how does every part of the world get day light and how do seasons work?

Well I started to work on thinking of speed of the sun going around the grave (also called the Nexus and Hub) at first i thought that the sun went around the nexus every twenty four hours, like it would if the seven heaven's theory was correct. after several teasing and struggles which really would seem silly.

In the end I decided that basically the sun takes a year to move around the nexus and when it is eclipsed by the nexus is winter. It was simple solution that just worked. a solution that I should have come up with before I got myself all worked up in a tizzy.

would have been great if I had figured that out before I lost desire, will and motivation to work on my WIP. Of course what stole my joy of creating was something else entirely, but that is a blog post all of it's own.

well that is all I've got for today's nanowrimo thoughts. I hope everyone's november is going well remember what ever word count you make is more words then you had before you started.

God Speed and Open Roads.

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