Monday, December 03, 2012

Fave Five:History, Advent, Kittens, and Pirates!

Sad that it has been over a month since I did one of these posts. I was planing to have my posts through November to be filled with writery goodness to for inspiration and encouragement. but that didn't happen. oh well life goes on. So this week's favorite things:

1. History Chicks  Would you like to learn more about the great women of History? Beckett and Susan have got you covered. From Cinderella to Madame Pompadour. they have a love for history and a desire to share it all with you. I've been listening to these ladies pretty much from the beginning. they are informative and fun. at times it feels like you are sitting down and hanging out with them over a cup of coffee. each women of history is well researched and you never know what you might find out about them. Did Lizzy Bordon kill her father and step father? Was Marie Antoinette really just a party girl. and what are the Gilded Age Heiresses any way. these ladies are Hours of entertainment and like they say "any resemblance to a boring old history lesson is purely coincidence." Seriously give them a listen, you will be glad you did. 

2. Advent with December upon us it means it is advent. as my priest said yesterday, it is the "deep breath" before Christmas. I love the season of advent. from the candles to the Christmas Preparations to the fasting. -yeah advent is a fast season in the Christian Calender. I hope everyone takes time this advent to think about what it really means to prepare for Christmas. (sorry to any of my non Christian readers) it is a really neat time of year, similar to Lent but different in so many ways. Speaking of which I have got to get my advent wreath up.

3. Lindsey Stirling-this girl is so talented and just a joy to watch. Here is one of my favorites:

 I don't know how much of her music she writes herself but the videos she makes are amazing. She calls herself a Hip hop violinist, and she is one of the funnest Violinists I've ever watched. From her cover of the Game of thrones theme to the Phantom of the Opera to elements, her creativity knows no bounds. Follow her on twitter @Lindseystirling.

4. written Kitten-Did you make your word count for nanowrimo? do you need a little encouragement to finish up that word count? have no fear here is a website where you can write and be rewarded for every 100 words you write with a picture of a kitten. this web site is where I wrote all of my words for nano. there are some really cute kitties there. 

5. Red Skies Under Red Seas- I've finished 4 books over the last two weeks. and this is the one that I really want to recommend. yes it is the second book of a series, (you can find my review of the first book here) but here are three reasons why you should either pick up this series, or read this book. a. if you read the lies of Lock Lamora this book is a wonderful sequel. an even bigger heist, an even more dangerous foe. b. Thieves prosper and the rich remember. that is the goal of the followers of the Crooked Warden. Lock and Jean must make a choice to play it safe or follow the mandate of their god to make sure that the thieves prosper and the rich remember that they are not as secure as they thought. c. Pirates!!!!! the thieves of the sea. (oh and kittens! i forgot about the kittens. for some reason the God of the sea in these books require that every ship that sails on his seas must have a women and cat on board.)

On another note watch for another hunger games post. I'm on chapter ten and think it may be time to say a little more about my thoughts on the book.

Also because this is my first 'official' post of December let me tell you a few things about what this month has in store. First I am taking a vacation with the family to Hawaii this month so during that time post will probably be scarce. Second I am going to take Christmas off. that means that there will be no posts between midnight the 24 to January 8.  That's right I recognize the 12 days of Christmas.

that is all for announcements. till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

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