Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Writing in Hawaii

well For some reason I thought out would get more writing done then I have. I Have not yet touched the editing of my Nano project, and I wrote maybe 300 words on my short story. but really who can write when you are surrounded by this?

and the blogger app is still very crazy. one of these days I will figure it out.

anyway back to writing. the cool thing is this vacation has given me a lot of inspiration. So much that if i was filing as a professional writer I could say this trip was a research trip.

I Spent some time on a beach covered with volcanic rock that was very easy to climb. in fact latterly was jumping from rock to rock not having to worry if my feet would
slip. this will go in my short story and actually might help it to get going somewhere.

second I spent some time on a sail boat. it has opened my mind to what the ship can be like in my nano novel.

So my little piece of writing advice today is find inspiration everywhere. it will come to you when you least expect it.

that is all for now God Speed and Open Roads.

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