Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hunger Games

So I am reading the hunger games for the first time. Considering my general dislike of Young Adult fiction it shouldn't surprise anyone. Some people are sighing with relief because they have been trying to get me to read these books for a long time. Any ways so I'm on chapter 5 and here are some thoughts.

1. Katness is kind of a bitch. they say that when bad things happen to people they turn out to be one of three things: a carrot, an egg, or a tea bag. each of these change when dropped into hot water. the carrot turn to mush, the egg gets hard boiled, and the tea bag changes it's surroundings. Katniss is an egg. hard times have made her hard. her mother is a carrot. hard times hit and she turned to mush. Prim was the tea bag. I don't like Katniss very  much. She is mean to most everyone, her mother, Peta, and other random people she comes in contact with. and Look before you go defending her I understand why she is the way she is. I'm just saying this, if I lived in seam, while seeing her sacrifice as something beyond honorable, she is not someone I would be friends with. Mostly because yeah she is kind of a bitch.

2. I want to hear her mother's point of view. see I am not a big fan of first person point of view. i can't bring myself to write it and after a while I can't stand reading it. I find myself narrating my own day in my head when reading a book in first person. as a reader I'm kinda bored with Katness, she is an angry teen. I get that, and yeah her life kinda sucks. but I'd really like to hear what is going on in her mother's head. of course the general YA audience doesn't care about such things, but that isn't who I am. I'd also like to hear what is going on from Peta's point of view. again this is just showing my preferences, I mean my preferred point of view to write in is Omniscient.

3. Lastly while I can see why teenagers love these books and I think they are good books for teenagers to read, before the reaping Katness is pretty whiny-again yes her life sucks I'm not saying I don't get it- it's just the reason I don't really read YA and why I don't relish the idea of writing YA.

So those are my thoughts on what I've read so far. maybe do to the hype and how much people have said oh you'll love it i'm more critical but that is the way it is.

God speed

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adifferentkindofsouth said...

Surprisingly, the only thing I didn't like about HG was Katniss. Such a whiner, but not enough to keep me from reading.