Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Hunger games 2

First Katniss is growing on me. Not for her own sake, if it wasn't for Peeta, Cinna, and the Avox girl I probably still wouldn't like her. But it reminds me of something I thought about when I was somewhere between high school and college. I wondered what it would be like if I could step outside myself and see what other people see. I don't think Katnis likes herself very much. and because she doesn't like herself or think other people should like her as I read her story I see her the way she sees herself. It takes Peeta to let us know that she is someone who is worth liking, it is Cinna who sees beyond what everyone else sees. her for who she really is. and it is through their eyes that I see a Katniss that I can maybe like.

Second, The Avox. these fascinate me. Here is one of the hints that people even in Capital know there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Not all is as it seems. the scene we are given which describe the way Katniss saw her is possibly more horrifying then the games themselves. and the touching scene between Katniss and this girl is touching. I like this girl. She has suffered in a way Katniss hasn't. (again not saying that Katniss's life doesn't suck.) and yet she shows Katniss compassion, even forgiveness. It is a small and touching scene that has moved me to like Katniss more then any other scene so far in this book.

Third, Cinna is my favorite character. He is an artist who is not interested in flashy showy world of  Capital. his appearance stands as a stark contrast to those around him who are decorated in ways that make them seem something other then human. Cinna sees who Katniss can be and will be if she has the chance. He knows he can help her get that chance.

I know how this book ends, I have read about it, I have seen the movie and I have heard people talk about what happens. I know how the trilogy ends. I know that eventually Katniss will become a major player in a rebellion against Capital. At this moment Cinna seems to me someone who wants to see the world change. He can't change it himself but maybe just maybe if he can help this girl who has given up everything to perfect her sister, he can do a small part towards that goal.
That's all my thoughts on this for now, I'll check back in after I have gotten to chapter 15

God Speed and Open Roads

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