Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group, Nano recap, Dec goals

So I have a lot of things to talk about today.
First and most importantly Insecure writer's Support Group:

We all need some support because we all have bad days as writer. and December can be quite a let down after NanoWriMo. If you completed it or if you didn't now matter what your final word Count was if it was more then 0 then you did good. Life happens, there is nothing we can do about it. I'm going to quote Howard from Writing excuses, 'if you didn't make it consider the date of November 30 as an editors date. now imagine that you and your editor get a chance to talk and you make a new finish date. how many words do you have left and guess how long it will take you to finish that number and make a new date.' sorry Howard that wasn't a perfect quote but it gets the idea across. so go out and write more words, because most writers don't make their dead lines. just ask anyone waiting for the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, or the next book in the gentlemen bastards series.  either way you are one step closer to going from a wantta be writer to a 'professional' writer. (Pisst, does anyone have an Idea when anyone can consider themselves a pro writer?)

Okay Now My Nano recap:

My ending word count was 54,000+. which is the first time I have made the word count, and not only that I am not finished with the story yet. I'm maybe about 4/5 of the way done. I just got to write the approach to the climax, the Climax and tie all the loose ends together. And that is exciting for me. I've never written anything this long and not ended with something that looked like it came out of the City of Old Emperors.

Three things that I would have been lost without during this endeavor: 1. #writeclub if you are getting ready to write on Friday nights get on twitter and join us. we have fun and keep each other on task. 2., I love this website. like I said on Monday I wrote all my words at this website. and there is nothing more fun then having a herd of kittens to cheer you own. 3. writer podcasts. Listening to The round table Podcast and Writing excuses for their special nanowrimo episodes were fun and encouraging. not to mention inspiring. any time i was stuck I got help from them.

Special thanks to:
Seanan McGuire, Brion Humphery, and Dave Robinson from the Round table Podcast. The novel that I wrote was connected to the novel I workshopped with them, its a different story line but the same characters and same world.

Chuck Windig and his blog post 25 ways to unstick your story, I would have gotten anywhere with out it.

Ink in the Book: her little blog workshop was increasingly helpful and got me over several important writing blocks.

My husband who has been increasingly encouraging, even when my computer died. he was able to get the first part of my novel so I could win.

Finally and most importantly my writing buddies, friends, family, thank  you for your encouragement and without you probably would have given up this dream of being a writer a long time.

Okay and my goal for writing in December:
This month I am planing to write a 7,000-10,000 word 'short' story. and Edit what I have written so far in my Nanowrimo novel, which is called Sunset heather.

well this has been a long post, so till next time God speed and Open roads.


Nicki Elson said...

Congratulations on winning NaNo! It's great that you can identify the things that helped you along the way and that you're not stopping w/ the goals.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Congrats, Gloria. I've never been able to do NaNo. I keep saying next year, but next year I don't have the right start. This year I was still working on my WIP. BUT, I did manage to add 10 thousand words to it.

Happy IWSG. It's so nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

I admire anyone who even attempts NaNo - congratulations! I've heard that preplanning and organization are key to a successful NaNo and it sounds like you had it all figured out.

Though I don't get to listen as often as I like, I really enjoy the Roundtable Podcast. Lucky you to workshop with them!

Good luck with finishing your novel!

Karen Walker said...

I just had to follow you because of the title of your blog. And congrats on NaNo. Awesome accomplishment.

Melissa said...

Great post! I'll have to check out some of those links.

Welcome to the group.
IWSG #145 until Alex culls the list again. :)

Val Fox said...

Great post, and congrats on your accomplishment! I'm glad I stopped by.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on surpassing the goal! I didn't participate in NaNo this year, and every year I don't I ask myself "Why didn't I?" once I start seeing people's word counts pop up.

Time for me to "go out and write more words". Best advice I've gotten all morning!

Lexa Cain said...

Congrats on finishing NaNo! 54k is awesome! I'm always excited when I get to the climax, too. When I'm working on one, it seems I can't type fast enough. I wish the earlier parts would flow so easily.
Great post!

Candilynn Fite said...

Wow, 54k for NaNo??? Way to go! Happy IWSG post day. :)

Livia said...

Congratulations on the word count! You can do it! :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

I like that way of looking at the end of the month as an editor's date. Interesting! Congratulations on finishing NaNo!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on beating NaNo. I kept writing after my first try at NaNo because it wasn't done either. But sounds like you are close.

michelle said...

Popping in from IWSG.
As a musician, I'm drawn to the title of your blog!
Congrats on your NaNo success!