Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I love my WIP, but....

So I talked a long while back about how my current WIP. I love it quite frankly, it has a lot of potential and some fun characters, or at least I think they are fun. I'm not sure anyone else will like them. There are three reasons for this:

One is that one main Female character is a mix between the 'traditional' Disney princess, Fanny Price, and Sansa Stark. Strange mixture, I know and not at all what people say they want to see in a female protagonist. Let's face it most people Prefer Mireda to Snow White, Lizzy to Fanny, and Arya to Sansa. For the most part I agree. it isn't that she is inactive but rather that the dangers are far from physical. For her the danger is navigating a world that plays by it's own set of rules and she doesn't know the rules.

Second there is no big battles, no beheadings, and no demon bears. it's fantasy and the back drop is court life but not necessarily political intrigue. I've been focusing on the relationships in the family.

third the Father is the second protagonist, and there is no love interest. I don't understand why every story has to have some kind of romantic twist. I get it I am a female writer and so that means that there must be some kind of romance but that is not this book this book is focused on the rebuilding of a relationship that was destroyed. Dealing with the wreckage left behind by neglect and abuse, are there going to be inklings of romantic entanglement? sure but they aren't important and let me state here for the record none of them get the girl. (honestly I hope to do something like this is most the books I write, I find the romantic triangle humorously amusing and would love to mess with all their heads by saying, ya'll should have been on team Cossette not team Rupert or Leopold.)

So it's different, If it gets published it will probably be self cause I'm not sure I could ever sell an agent or publisher, I could be wrong on that. Either way it's still my WIP. I like it, I'd love to have other people like it too, but I'm not sure if they will. I'm going to keep working on it till it's done, maybe something else will come out of it. at the very least I will learn something as a writer.

That is my ramblings for the day, Till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

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Alleged Author said...

I know how you feel. I would love for an agent to adore my WIP!