Monday, June 03, 2013

13 weeks....

So baby Mog is now the size of a peach. He or she just keps getting bigger. I guess that is what they are suposed to do.

Lately I have had bad allergies that have caused me to cough all night long. well that was the last two weeks. I'd have a runny nose, some coughing but nothing too serious till I laid down to go to sleep. then it's all cough cough cough. but with a little prayer and Benadryl everything may be looking up. I did actually sleep last night.

one thing that I this is funny is to watch people's reaction when my husband and I tell them that we aren't finding out what gender the baby is till it comes out. some people can't believe it. some think it is cool others can't understand why we are doing it this way.

we have a name picked out for each gender. (sorry internet world as far as I am concerned the only name I will be using on this blog to refer to my kid is Mog.) we have made the decision about circumcision if it is a boy. (and to keep from listening to people argue about my choice again I will not be sharing it here.) right now we don't room for an nursery so there will be no need to decorate just yet, and if we do it will be something geeky so gender is not important. as for cloths? well before the 1950's it was customary to put girls in blue and boys in pink so conventions don't matter to me. so really I don't see the big deal.

that is all the baby talk I have for today, in other news, I really don't like the Ipad. Till next time God speed and open roads.

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