Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Knitting: LACE!!!!

I love knitting lace. it has been the dominate theme in my knitting lately. here are the two projects I have been working on the most:

Shipwreck Shawl with
Chroma Midwinter
This is some of my birthday yarn, given to me by my mom, this shawl is going to be huge and it is my special mommy knitting project. depending on how much I have to worry about spit-up once the baby comes I hope to use it as a nursing cover.
Japanesse Waves Shawl
yarn is from a tangled Yarn
this is the yarn I got for my self having written 50,000 words during November for nanowrimo. this is my first shawl and is a simpler design  I actually have this pattern memorized and can easily work on it anywhere. which is fun because i love the effect of this color, and there is very little more fun then having someone ask about my fiber art. I have gotten more compliments on this project then any other I have worked on out in public.

there are other projects I am working on. I am almost done with my cardigan  and I have gotten a few baby projects done though not many. I also need to get some more dish cloths made, the ones I was given as a wedding present are starting to wear out.

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