Friday, June 14, 2013


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Invida waslked through the castel to the great banquet hall. her Skirt Flowed around her movements and her train filled the coridor. The banquet hall was filled with draping fabrics and flowers all in different shades of violet. servants hurried to get everyone but when Invida entered everyone stopped and genuflected. Queen Envida observed the room with a satisfied eye and Clapped her hands. At the sound the room was instantly alive with action.

"your majesty," One of her ladies came up to her. she curtsied. "the prince has become obstinate."
Invidea Smiled as she touched the girl's shoulder, indicating for her to rise, "really and what does he say?"

The lady stood and walked just behind her queen, "He says that he will not marry while he is grieving for the one he loves."

"Hm..." Said the Queen, "Well then I best remind him who is in charge." She went to the prince's room, at the door she were announced and quickly admitted. Prince Charles stood when she entered. he was a young man of barely eighteen.

Your Highness." said Invida, "what is this about you wanting to council your wedding?"

"I don't love Marsella, and I am still morning Cynthia."

"I see." said Invida stepping up to him, "Let me remind out of something. weddings are not about love, they are about alliances, wealth and yes progeny. you will Marry Marcella and never mention Cynthia again. Otherwise I will kill you sister Roselyn."

Charles's face hardened, "You wouldn't dare."

"Oh wouldn't I?" she smiled at his attempt at intimidations, "Look in the mirror."

Charles Turned and saw his sister Gwyn laying on a bench, in a garden.

 "I've already Killed your sweet Gwyneiva what makes you think I wont kill Roselyn as well."
Charles was pale.

"Now," She brushed his banges out of his forehead and kissed it, "get a good night sleep, you have a big day tomorrow." She left him knowing every thing was going according to plan.

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