Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knit one Purl one

After having little to say about my knitting for weeks I am happy to say that I am now very happy with what I am working on. first I finally was able to get beads for my shipwreck shawl, so as soon as I get them strung on the yarn I will start working on that shawl again. *yah!* I can not wait to finish this one.

Also some sad news, I think I lost my size four Knitpicks harmony straight needle. this means that my Japanese waves shawl is stuck. Granted I have been thinking about maybe frogging that one back and trying something a little more interesting.  I still love the yarn but the rectangle shawl isn't really doing it for me anymore. I bet I could use the yarn in the wingspan shawl, that could be fun.

The last fun news is that I cast on another eliphante, This one is red, yellow and orange. I'm hoping to clear out some of my acrylic yarn so I can have more reasons to buy more yarn.

That is all for now till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

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Morgan said...

You're seriously so talented. Knitting seems like a lost art, so I'm soooo glad you do this! Really cool.