Thursday, August 15, 2013

Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin

I finally finished it, A Storm of swords. and I am so glad I did. For those who are watching the HBO Series but not reading the book Season 3 is basically the first half of the book. and while stuff that happened in the first half, including the evil closer of the books second act (the red wedding) the stuff that happens latter is awesome. which is good cause I thought about quitting when I got to the bad thing that I won't spoil.

All in all I've enjoyed the Song of Ice and Fire books. I like most the characters and I find it nice to have something that feels more like a historical fiction than fantasy. Particularly when I come across the historical event which the fictitious one is based on.  And even though it gets dark, I mean really dark, at times I still hold out hope that in the end everything will work out and the good guys will win. I really liked this book and can see why it is a favorite of the series. I think though I am going to put off reading a Feast of Crows for a bit because The Winds of Winter may be set to come out in 2014 but lets face it Mr. Martin could end up having that pushed back. So rather than deal with that disappointment and have to wait and wait I'm just going to focus on the other series that I am currently reading. The next Gentlemen Bastards comes out this fall, as well as the next October Daye Novel. Not to mention I still need to finish the Tawny man trilogy and I just started the Emberverse books.  Oh and I wanted to get though Jane Austen's novels this year since it is her 200 year anniversary. So I have plenty of things to read before I start the Feast of Crows...

So I'd love to go on about the things I loved in this book, the things that made me have to put the book down for a bit, and of course the things that shocked me. I figure most my readers haven't read these books yet, and well if you're watching the TV series then I could talk about somethings but I think I will just say this. 1. if you can handle the gore and sex and like fantasy don't give up on the books yet. 2. if you are watching the tv show, you really should read the books, that way you don't have to wait to see what happends till the next season.

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