Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Achieving My Writing Goals

So last Friday was a very productive day in my writing life. I achieved my word count goal. Okay so my goal wasn't that big, it was meant to be practical and also the very least amount of words that should get the manuscript done by November 25, if I could get it done earlier, then that will be great but Nov. 25 is my Deadline. so the good news is that I reached the word count, the bad news is that I am not as far in the story as I thought I would be. I am 3/5 of the way through the story, but I had hoped to be closer to 4/5 of the way done. oh well. luckily I have 10 days till the end of the month.

the other thing though is that I'm still working on the details, little tiny details, like making sure a character doesn't change names when they show back up in a later scene, or that the city's spelling doesn't change. (My story stays one city, but I have seen at least three different ways that I have spelled it in the manuscript) So before I move on in the story I may need to sit down and make an index of all the characters so far and who they are and who they are related.

I also still need to see what the actual projection of this project is. Witchburn Like I said was supposed to be a stand alone novel set in a rather generic fantasy realm. there are other stories that I am interested in telling but only one of them was connected back to this one, and really only loosely, however somewhere when I added in the demons and an amulet that wards of the powers of demons a seed of inspiration has been planted and is trying to take root. We will see what happens. life could get rather fascinating.

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