Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pregnancy and life updates

Generally this update would come on monday, but yesterday I was trying to get better from a sudden surge of pregnancy symptoms. So instead of talking about my knitting today I will give the life updates that have for the moment made me sluggish towards blogging.

First lets talk about Mog, everyone loves babies right? Well Mog is growing and growing well. I am now 23 weeks along and so that means that I am over halfway through this pregnancy, and on my way into the third trimester. Baby Mog is roughly the size of a papaya. his or her face is fully formed save for baby fat, and he or she is pretty active. I can feel baby mog moving quite a bit, even other my husband hasn't. he had tried but it seems Mog is not strong enough to kick through my layers of skin, muscle, and let's be honest fat.

However as I come out of my second trimester, which has been pretty nice has come the return of Pregnancy Sick. Not morning sickness, well okay lets face it morning sickness isn't just about being sick in the morning, but I am just going to call this Pregnancy Sick. Also because I'm not really nauseous, it's more heartburn that generally results in me bowing at the Ceramic thrown. the last few weeks have been marked by several bouts of me tossing out my cookies, sometimes more than once a day. Now I am back on some medications to help control it, and I go to the doctor tomorrow and I'll talk to him about the heartburn part of this nastiness.

In other news my mom visited us a few weeks ago. this was a great visit, and a busy one.  She came to visit and to help me move the furniture around in my small house to make room for the baby. before my mother came I was trying to figure out where we would be able to put a crib, and if we should even buy a crib due to our lack of space. but as luck would have it my mom is the queen of nesting. and somehow our house now feels like an entirely new space. we have the crib setup and even room for the great chair we are being given. suddenly the reality that we are going to have a baby has sunk in. there is a crib in a room that is half a nursery and half an office. it's really pretty cool.

That is pretty much the main updates in my life, hopefully the next few months of pregnancy pass fairly uneventfully. they probably won't but I can hope. tomorrow I have to take the Glucose test-joy of joys- and I hope that will go over well, I have no reason to think otherwise.

anyway till next time: God Speed and Open Roads.

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