Wednesday, August 07, 2013

IWSG: August

Hello everyone did you miss me? sorry to let you all know that I have been busy, and then lazy. But I wanted to get working on Insecure Writer's Support Group because I've missed the last few months, and Alex I don't want to get left out!

So lets talk about Writing and the insecurities that happen. one of those things is a thought I often have, what if what I write really sucks.

lately I have taken a lax stance on my word count, the thing I've been working on is writing every day. So instead of writing as much as possible and then take a few days respite my goal is to write 250 words a day. as long as I get more words than that down I figure I'm doing pretty good. Now really my current average is actually 1,421 so I am not hurting word count wise. the thing is that I am pretty sure the last 3,000 or so words I've written most recently I am fairly sure I will cut during the second draft. That is kind of depressing.

the good news is of course that even if I end up cutting those 3,000 words in subsequent re-writes it won't really matter because right now that is 3,000 words that get me closer to the end of the first draft and right now I really want to get the first draft of this novel done before I go into labor. wish me luck!

till next time God Speed and Open Roads.


Melissa said...

It's all about finding a balance, isn't it. I hate cutting words, too, but it's a necessary evil.

Great post! :)
August co-host and IWSG #110

Misha Gericke said...

That's a good way of approaching it. I'm also trying to write every day, but now that I'm rewriting, I'm a bit more relaxed about the word count. As long as I get a section done every day or so, I'm happy. :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a really impressive word count!
You may have missed last month, but you're still on the list - no worries.

Gloria Sigountos said...

For some reason alex I thought I had missed several months. blame prego brain. ;)