Thursday, January 24, 2008

People think these questions are hard, not me...these questions all have answers.

I was watching Seabisket the other night and soemthing that was said that made me thinking, "in the end it was not the multiple projects that saved america but rather that suddenly it was clear that someone cared."

we see the poor everywhere. Those of us who live in the city see the poor, those of us who don't watch movies, have been to cities, and if we are in the church we have been bombarded with pictures through organisations like compation international. there are many reasons that people are poor and need help but this statement about he depression got me thinking.

the democrates are talking about making a new deal. wheather we need a new deal or not is questionable but that is not the point. they seem to think it was the new deal that saved the economy and such fromt he depression but that wasn't it at all. it was the fact that suddenly someone cared, and some one said, you can do this. the new deal did not save any one it simply gave people the opotunity to save themselves. to reolize that they could provide for their family. the new deal gave people their pride back.

some of the things the socialist talk about sound good, i mean free medicare sounds nice everyone can be treated. (what very few people reolize is that everyone can be treated, the hospitale can not turn anyone away, even if they know that they will not get paid for treating them, that is why boarder states are stuggling becasue all these illigals are going to hospitals and not paying for their expences, they simply disapear.) wellfar sounds good too, giving people money so they can provide for them selves. but really these two things don't give people their pride back, rather they cut thier feet out from under them and say, "you are poor, Let me take care of you because you can not take care of yourself." that is not the love of God, nor is it helping those people see themselves for who they are in christ. instead it reinforces the lies that they are told.

now I am not saying tha we should not help the poor by giving money, helping them find jobs, giving clean water and free medical attention. I am just saying that sometimes it is not the best course to take.

(ps the tittle of this post is from a movie with Scarlet Johanson, yes i am shamlessly copying my dear friend Lindy)


Lindy said...

The only Scarlett Johansen movie I haven't seen! I'm putting it on my netflix que now.

Glo- I think that you hit the nail on the head about pride and the new deal.

A sense of pride and self-sufficiency is something that Luke struggles with everyday in his ministry- the most important and the hardest to actually make happen.

glo said...

It is a good one i think you will injoy it, I watched running with scissors, it was good.

it think it is something that everyone deals with at one time or another. Men expessily need to have pride in thier work, and be able to provied for thier families