Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My thoughts on the Writer's strike

for some time now the writters of Holywood have been on strike. New eposoides are now few and far between. more reality shows are coming on. One has said that it is good that they are one strike, the trash on telivision is lessening.

Writers should get paid for their work and they have been paid. To me this strike is about the writers who want to get more money. Now I agree that the publishers and companies make too much money for little work. But does that mean that those who create the art deserve to make more money?

I feel that this strike shows the destruction of the spirit of the art. Have these writers forgotten why they became writers in the first place? Did they become writers all those years ago so that they could get rich? Has their art stopped being the thing which gave them enjoyment in life and is now nothing more then what puts bread and wine on the table?

Do none of them share Charles Schlitz's words, "I do not write to live, I live to write," ?

Writing has become nothing more a money making endeavor. Are there no writers left who have not sold out? Is Bohemia dead?


Elizabeth said...

It seems to be.

Lindy said...

Good thoughts Glo. I'm pretty solidly in favor of the writers, although my support is wanning with some of the unreasonableness that has been happening recently with them.