Monday, January 14, 2008

Heart of worship

when the music fades and all is striped away, what is there? Imagine momentarily what a church service would be like if there was no music. what would it be like if there was not alter, no pulpit? what if none of these things that clutter up the podium were simply not there?

what would it be like if we simply cam, just cam to meet with God? If we came like the children who ran to Jesus just because we wanted to be near him. If we came just wanting to some how show our gratitude for all that he has done, wanting to bring something that would bless his heart?

what do we bring? in a service our gift is the songs we sing. when it is just a song and when is it our gift of worth to bless his heart?

after all a song in and of its self is not what he has required of us. God longs for more, not just a song. the song is meant to help us to express something much deeper with in. something that only God can see when he looks into our hearts.

what is the heart of worship? i mean why do we come to worship, and what is worship?

our worship is giving our gifts to God. and a gift could be anything because God redeemed all that we are. he created us to be the way we, with our own bent or path. I think most churches use music because there aren't very many people who hate music. who can not relate to some form or style of music.

worship is a gift to a king of endless worth. nothing no song no thank you can express what God deserves for what he has done. we don't even have the ability to thank him for what he has done and given to and for us. we are weak and poor, Yet God loved us and showed his infinit love when he came and took on our sins so we could be saved. now all he wants is ourselves. all we have he has redeemed.

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Ella said...

Great post, but He does expect if we love him to help our fellow man.

"Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love."

"Love one another," not an easy obligation to fufill for Him as He ask. I fall short alot.