Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Another Year Over And a New One Just Begun.

I will probably look back on the year 2007 as an important year of my life. It is the year in which I graduated from Bethany Bible College. I started my first real job as the youth and children’s pastor at Cornerstone Community Church. It is the year I officially moved the majority of my things out of my parent's house and into my own apartment. This year I have lived on my own and found out what it is like having to pay for the bills, cook, and deal with student loans being paid on time.

Now that year is over, what can 2008 have hidden in the murkiness of things yet to come? My main plain is to finish off the church year in Bismarck, move home after family camp, move to Asbury at the beginning of the fall term.

This year’s resolutions are, to read the Book of Mormon all the way through because I never have, workout more, and write more.


Elizabeth said...

A very full year for you. How are things going at the church?

What will you be taking at Asbury?

glo said...

things are going okay. this last week was a little crazybut you gotta love PMS right?

I am curently in the intercultural studies, but i am hoping to get my gpa up so I can move to theological studies with a church history major.