Thursday, January 17, 2008

January blues

I think January is my least favorite month.

I mean it is a dark month with no big celibrations and cold weather. I like Cold weather, Jack frost, and snow. Oh I love snow. but with such cold wheather comes less sun shine. I like the sun shine and there is not much during January.

and because of the lack of sun along with some other sercomstances i have been a little depressed. nothing to worry about just a little sad, and lathagic. but i think i may have knocked that.

Because i have no classes i though this would be a great month to finish what i hade not got done in november, and get a head start on the Cures of the sea, and get the painting done that i have been working on for a year.

Besides being a little blue, I have been a little over worked perhaps. the hotel that i am working at has gotten a new system. that means new training and reputing in information for the many reservations that have been made. a little too much buisy work. to top that off the sr. Pastor has gone out of town for a week which means i am incharge of the church. luckily someone else is pastoring this week, so that i do not have to worry about.

this has been a month of reflection and thinking. one is the fact that i do not think working in a church is for me. I am not ready to give up on the church, but i don't think I will ever be happy or satisfied in a church possition, such as pastor.

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